5 Ways to Reconnect with Neighbors

5 Ways to Reconnect with Neighbors

Elle HalliburtonNov 3, '20

With social distancing in place, many of us are spending more time in the comfort of our homes. You may be connecting with leads virtually but nothing beats an in-person conversation. Looking for a safe way to reconnect with your community? A great place to start is with your neighbors! 

Striking up a conversation with a friendly neighbor is much easier than a stranger due to the fact you already have something in common - your community!  Use that leverage to gain credibility and act as a helpful resource for their real estate needs!

Conversation starters are the key to building relationships with the people you know and potential clients. This week, we’re sharing 5 helpful tips for reconnecting with your neighbors. 

Conversation Starters 101

#1 "This is one of my favorite dog parks. Do you live in the area, too?"

If you’re a pet parent, head to the dog park and chat with the locals. Your bond over animals is a great transition into sharing your knowledge about the area and lending your real estate services. 

#2 "Did you see that the Smith family just put their house on the market?"

Spend some time outside and strike up a conversation with neighbors walking by. Having a mutual friend is a great way to engage and show you're up-to-date on inventory in the area.

#3 "Congrats on your recent graduate! What are you going to do with an empty house?"

As the kids go off to college, downsizing the home is a common thought for parents. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the timing of a potential move and check in occasionally.

#4 "I was walking by your home and noticed your great choice in paint color. Who did you use?"

Complimenting your neighbors not only shows your appreciation but also your attention to detail. From there, you can lend yourself as a helpful resource for referring your neighbors to your network of contractors. 

#5 Leave a "Happy Holidays" Card

For the neighbors you aren't able to see in person, leave a holiday card on their doorstep! it's a tangible way to send a friendly hello and celebrate the holiday season!

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