6 Tips for Styling Your Spring Open House

6 Tips for Styling Your Spring Open House

Elle HalliburtonFeb 23, '21

The market isn’t slowing down and you shouldn’t either. When you’re showing a home, an Open House is the time to wow your sellers and potential buyers with your own personal touches. There are a few aspects of hosting a showing that shouldn’t be overlooked. Smoother showings tend to have fast sales so stay prepared! As we enter into Spring, we’ve got you covered.

Here, we LOVE creating stylish and functional products to support your business. A great way to prep for your Spring showings is with seasonal products! Here are 6 Tips for Styling Your Spring Open House. Click on each header Tip to link directly to each product!

Spring Showings 101

#1 Open House Today - Floral Yard Sign

Before your guests step foot in for the tour, welcome them with a floral Yard Sign! This design is a favorite for the Spring season to stand out and attract attention from both directions.

#2 Waterproof Booties

April showers may be common in your area. If so, try out our Waterproof Booties! On rainy days, these shoe covering are great for slipping on with wet shoes. Take your pick between our two color options of Black or Yellow!

#3 Shoe Sign - Floral

Nothing pairs better than Shoe Signs and Booties! This floral Shoe Sign can be placed next to your complimentary shoe coverings at the entrance of the home. Plus, it will perfectly match your Open House Yard Sign!

#4 Sani Pack of 10

Safety is a must for a germ-free showing. Our Sani Pack of 10 are perfectly packaged with sanitation products to share! Each set comes with one disposable mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer!

#5 Welcome Sign - Sanitation Station 

A friendly reminder to wear a mask never hurts! Place this Sanitation Station Sign next to your complimentary Sani Packs - they can’t miss it! Take your pick between our Blue-Grey or White designs!

#6 Open House Registry - Small Notepad

Having your guests sign in is the key to capturing leads. Our Open House Registry is easily portable and filled with all the key questions to follow up later.

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