Getting Your Real Estate Life Together Podcast

EPISODE TWENTY-NINE: Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Eric Holmes

Tracey HicksJun 17, '21

Eric Holmes, a long time Portlander, is an agent at Dwell Realty. A true house hunter, he is always on the lookout for the perfect house. He has mastered the art of networking to find the right houses for his buyers. If you’ve been tuning in, you know I believe that relationship based real estate is the best way to establish long term success, and Eric embodies this principle, making his marketing feel like drinks out with friends. 

Real Estate Bytes - I Have TOO Much Content

Tracey HicksJun 11, '21

I have way too much content, yep it’s possible! We realized we had so much content that we became paralyzed with what to share next. Today, let’s do a deep dive and talk about something that isn’t talked about enough in the real estate space; what do we do with...

EPISODE TWENTY-EIGHT : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Keri Friedman

Tracey HicksJun 3, '21

When starting your Real Estate Life, the decisions you make can be so crucial, yet it’s also the most puzzling part of the journey.  In this episode, Keri and I talk about the beginnings of being in real estate. I hope our discussion sheds light for beginners and helps you, wherever you are in your journey.  

Real Estate Bytes - Social Media Etiquette

Tracey HicksMay 29, '21

Social media is a significant part of any business, let alone in real estate. How you present yourself in social media is almost a make-or-break, and knowing how to use social media properly can lead you to more engagement, which then leads to more sales. In this episode of Real...

EPISODE TWENTY-SEVEN : Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Christy Marshall

Tracey HicksMay 19, '21

Listen to learn how Christy was able to pivot working from one state to another with the help of a team, a mindset of flexibility and collaboration, and impacting her communities.