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Adapting to the Virtual Real Estate World

Alondra GamezJun 30, '20

Create a Platform Have a website that provides information your customers want. Squarespace has excellent website templates if you're not sure how to begin. GoDaddy and Weebly are two other decent options for DIY website building. These companies can host your site, provide data management, and even find content writers...

Getting Your Real Estate Life Together: ZOOM Edition Ft. Daniel Gluckin

Alondra GamezJun 23, '20

All Things Real Estate owner Tracey Hicks & Daniel Gluckin of the Gluckin group get together via Zoom to talk biz!  WATCH HERE! 

Practice Active Listening

Alondra GamezJun 23, '20

Be Present Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who constantly checks her phone? So annoying. What about chatting with someone who’s always scanning the room for someone more important? Don’t be that person. Only have eyes for the person you’re conversing with and genuinely try to...

Always Add Value

Alondra GamezJun 16, '20

Make Introductions If there’s an opportunity to introduce the person to someone in your sphere who can help them solve a problem, do so! Be A Connector Put your knowledge to work and take the opportunity to connect the person you’re speaking with to people, places, and things they may...

Changing Your Attitude and Habits

Tracey HicksJun 9, '20

Your beliefs and habits have a huge impact on your business. Here are six suggestions that will change your business for the better. 1. Connect with your ideal clientYour ideal client is your perfect match. They enjoy working with you, love your unique personality and point of view, and they...