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How to host your Virtual Open House via Live Streaming

Tracey HicksMar 25, '20

How it works An agent sets up a time to go live and announces it to their social media following. They go live at said time, walking through the property, space by space. Some realtors even do a live streaming spree, showing 5 or 10 properties throughout the day.

7 Tips on How to Utilize a Podcast

Tracey HicksMar 10, '20

Networking.  People don’t always like to go to events, this is another way to connect with your community. Hosting and being a guest on a podcast creates an opportunity to build relationships and grow your network which will lead to gaining those referrals. Spread Your Message.  By interviewing local business...

Real World Marketing: Q&A with Marki Lemons

Tracey HicksMar 2, '20

Name, Location and how long have you been an Agent Marki Lemons Ryhal, Chicago, IL, 20 years What’s your market like? I specialize on the Chicago south side. The south side is home to the University of Chicago and Bungalow style homes. I live in a community named Bronzeville where...

Real World Marketing: Q&A with Kenyon Hunter

Tracey HicksFeb 17, '20

Name, Location and how long you've been an Agent Kenyon Hunter, New Jersey, 3 years What’s your market like Urban - Suburban How do you differentiate yourself from your competition: Client-centric, lifestyle focused. What marketing method is most effective for you and why? Sphere of influence, people like working with...

Your Realtor® Commercial

Aaron PhillipsFeb 11, '20

Like any great recipe, a show-stopping commercial needs some not-so-secret ingredients 😉1. A compelling story.Your story is crucial. It dictates whether your ad lives or dies. A commercial’s job is to help the viewer imagine a better life with your product in it. It needs to paint a picture so...